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She says she was pushed on stage by someone while she was helping with the arrangements and was declared the winner. [23] She portrayed Carmelita, a Sicilian girl virtually imprisoned in her home by her overpowering brother. She revealed reality to him later. [86] In 1971, she formed a duo with Brigitte Bardot in the French Western-comedy The Legend of Frenchie King, and appeared as a prostitute opposite Alberto Sordi in Luigi Zampa's comedy A Girl in Australia. She went ahead with the ceremony, but was concerned about sacrificing the rights she had to her child Patrick. Cardinale's child, Patrick, grew up with Cardinale's parents. Blessed with an extraordinary face and figure, Cardinale began her career as lovely window dressing in films like … [116] She is Tunisian from her mother's side and Italian from her father's side. [93] The following year, she had a biblical role as the adulteress in the Jesus of Nazareth miniseries, which featured Robert Powell as Jesus, Anne Bancroft as Mary Magdalene, and Ernest Borgnine as Cornelius the Centurion. [6] Her maternal grandparents had a small shipbuilding firm in Trapani, but later settled in La Goulette, where a large Italian community existed. Here are a few examples of ways you can filter the charts: The Top 10 Movies Starring Claudia Cardinale; The Top 20 Movies Starring Claudia Cardinale Claudia Cardinale. He could understand me at a glance. [68] By the end of the decade, she had returned to making films primarily in Italy, accepting a pay cut, turning her back on Hollywood stardom. Outspoken on women's rights causes over the years, Cardinale has been a UNESCO goodwill ambassador for the Defense of Women's Rights since March 2000. [32] Cardinale also starred opposite Pietro Germi in his crime film The Facts of Murder, an important assignment for her in mastering the craft of acting while learning to feel at ease in front of the camera. [6] Her native languages were French, Tunisian Arabic, and the Sicilian language of her parents. Two years later, Cardinale went on a theatrical tour of Italy, performing in Luigi Pirandello's Come tu mi vuoi, which Squitieri directed. She starred mainly in European movies, especially Italian and french. But Claudia – she's not easy, still she's within reach". "[69] Filmwriter David Simpson notes that as a result, "Cardinale never achieved the same level of fame as Loren and Gina Lollobrigida", although she appeared in a higher number of decent films. She also realized she was increasingly unable to make decisions about her own life. Claudia Cardinale. It moves men all over the world to imagine her both as an exciting mistress and wife. I've never revealed my self or even my body in films. She appeared as what Roger Ebert described as a "faded countess" opposite Jeremy Irons in Claude Lelouch's thriller film And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen,[124] portraying a character who spends her time in Fez, Morocco, with handsome gigolos. [62], The same year, Cardinale portrayed a prostitute in La ragazza di Bube or Bebo's Girl,[63] in which she also used her own voice. In 1974, Cardinale met director Pasquale Squitieri, who would become her partner, and she frequently featured in his films, including I guappi (1974), Corleone (1978) and Claretta (1984), the last of which won her the Nastro d'Argento Award for Best Actress. The appearance nonetheless marked her feature-film debut. Though the international film market was glutted with sultry European actresses during the 1960s, few could boast the depth and range of talent as Claudia Cardinale. Claudia Cardinale is an Italian-Tunisian film actress. "[84] In 1969, Cardinale starred opposite Nino Manfredi in Luigi Magni's Nell'anno del Signore, based on the actual story of the capital execution of two carbonari in papal Rome. [113], In 1990, Cardinale starred opposite Bruno Cremer in Squitieri's Atto di dolore, and appeared in the Morocco-set Soviet-Italian production, La battaglia dei tre tamburi di fuoco. While in Hollywood, Cardinale also became friends with Barbra Streisand, Elliott Gould, and Steve McQueen, but she never managed to feel at home there. [19] She solved her problems by signing a seven-year exclusive contract with Franco Cristaldi's production company Vides. [72] In 1965, Cardinale appeared in Visconti's Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa, known as Sandra (Of a Thousand Delights) in the US and Of These Thousand Pleasures in the UK, playing a Holocaust survivor who may have had an incestuous relationship with her brother. Cardinale's voice in the film was dubbed by Gale Garnett, who went uncredited. Wystąpiła w wielu filmach wyreżyserowanych przez męża, Pasquale’a Squitieri – m.in. [136] Another excellent film in which Ms. Cardinale acted, released in 2012, was The Artist and the Model. [125] The film was screened out of competition at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. [123] "[60], In 1966, a photograph of Cardinale was featured in the original gatefold artwork to Bob Dylan's album Blonde on Blonde (1966), but it was used without Cardinale's permission and removed from later pressings. Teprve skrze film upřímně žila. [a] From 1963, Cardinale became known in the United States and Britain following her role in The Pink Panther opposite David Niven. The official poster for this year's Cannes film festival sparked an outcry Wednesday over claims that Italian actress Claudia Cardinale's thighs had been airbrushed to make them thinner. [15][b], Back in Tunis, however, Cardinale discovered unexpectedly that she was pregnant, the result of what she later described as a "terrible" relationship with a Frenchman, some 10 years her senior, which began when she was only 17 and lasted for about a year. He pointed out that although Cardinale's screen time in the film was unfortunately not substantial, she set its comic tone; he praised the way she managed to turn Kinski, renowned for his volatile temperament and portrayals of megalomaniacs and criminals into a "genuinely charming screen presence", adding a new dimension to his acting career. [7] She has been a regular attendee of the Academy Awards. The film was critically acclaimed, with Vincent Canby of The New York Times calling it "a fine, quirky, fascinating movie" and a "stunning spectacle", comparing the dynamic between Kinski and Cardinale to Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in John Huston's The African Queen. He was really very fond of me. Jako nastolatka wygrała konkurs piękności, do którego się nawet nie zgłosiła, a w nagrodę w 1958 roku pojechała na festiwal filmowy w Wenecji. Though the international film market was glutted with sultry European actresses during the 1960s, few could boast the depth and range of talent as Claudia Cardinale. Beyond that, for me personally, a sensitive and sincere friend. [105] Squitieri's Claretta (1984), featuring Cardinale and Gemma, was entered into the competition at the 41st Venice International Film Festival. [125], In 2005, Cardinale appeared in a Philippe Adrien stage production of Tennessee Williams's Sweet Bird of Youth, and in the 2006/2007 season also featured in another Williams play, The Glass Menagerie, directed by Andrea Liberovici, in which she played the character of Amanda. Take a look at Chris Pine's biggest roles and the parts he never got the chance to play, including a major role in Avatar. Such was the success of the film that Verneuil made a sequel the following year, 588, rue Paradis, also featuring the cast. [77] That year, she starred in Mark Robson's war picture Lost Command for Columbia Pictures opposite Anthony Quinn, Alain Delon, and George Segal. The film, inspired by the story of Peruvian rubber baron Carlos Fermín Fitzcarrald, was shot on location in Brazil and Peru. Director: Francesco Maselli | Stars: Claudia … Claudia Cardinale arrives at the premiere of the new restoration of Luchino Visconti’s 1963 Palme d’Or winner The Leopard / Il Gattopardo, held at the Palais des Festivals on May 14, during the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.. [103], In 1983, Cardinale had a role in the Waris Hussein miniseries Princess Daisy, and featured alongside Lino Ventura and Bernard Giraudeau in the French-Canadian film Le Ruffian. [101] In 1982, Cardinale appeared in Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo, playing a successful brothel owner who funds Klaus Kinski's purchase of an old steamship in South America. Claude Joséphine Rose "Claudia" Cardinale (born 15 April 1938) is a Tunisian-born Italian film actress who starred in some of the most acclaimed European films of the 1960s and 1970s, mainly Italian or French, but also in many English-language films. Jaded with the Hollywood film industry and not wanting to become a cliché, Cardinale returned to Italian and French cinema, and garnered the David di Donatello for Best Actress award for her roles in Il giorno della civetta (1968) and as a prostitute alongside Alberto Sordi in A Girl in Australia (1971). "[154] In a 2014 interview, she revealed her secret of success: "If you want to practice this craft, you have to have inner strength. Cristaldi later married Zeudi Araya and had no further contractual relationships with Cardinale. She starred mainly in European movies, especially Italian and french. Claudia Cardinale Westerns Claudia Cardinale only made about 3 Westerns – which is rather startling since she is an Italian actress and was a major Star in Europe during the height of Spaghetti Westerns. W 1971 roku Claudia Cardinale spotkała się z Brigite Bardot na planie westernowej komedii „Królowe Dzikiego Zachodu”. - DER SPIEGEL - Geschichte", "Claudia Cardinale: 'Usually you live only one life. Mamma Mia! [108], In 1986, Cardinale was involved in the making of two films for television. She acted in a number of films during this period, including The Professionals (1966), a successful western starring Lancaster, Lee Marvin, … [39] Mastroianni insisted that his feelings were genuine, even after many years. [109] In 1987, Cardinale starred opposite Peter Coyote, Greta Scacchi, and Jamie Lee Curtis in Diane Kurys's film A Man in Love (Un homme amoureux), Kurys's first English-language feature. I only signed for individual films. In February 2011, the Los Angeles Times Magazine named Cardinale among the 50 most beautiful women in film history. [88] After a role as a Russian aristocrat opposite Oliver Reed in One Russian Summer (1973), set in prerevolutionary Russia, Cardinale starred opposite Franco Nero in I guappi (1974), a historical drama film with "poliziotteschi" and "noir" elements. Cristaldi offered Cardinale the contract without a screen test. Learn about Claudia Cardinale including past and current movies, upcoming movies, and celebrity news at Movies.com. I think I had a very strange voice. [149], Cardinale is a political liberal who has supported feminist and gay causes over the years. [97] The film, shot on location in Rhodes, was poorly received; it holds a 32% "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes as of July 2015[update]. Thereafter, she spent three years in the United States, where she starred in several Hollywood films. The 1960s produced some of the most iconic actresses of modern film—figures that we still revere for their style and nonchalant beauty. The most notable films she has appeared in include 8½ (1963) and Once Upon a Time in the West (1968). [132] The Turkish-Italian co-production was shot in locations in Istanbul and Rimini. [54] She starred alongside Burt Lancaster in Visconti's The Leopard (1963) (Il Gattopardo), portraying a village girl who married a progressive young aristocrat (Alain Delon), and played a film actress cast by a director (Marcello Mastroianni) in Federico Fellini's 8½. Filming began on 22 February 1965 on location in Ocala, Florida. Like many other female Italian film stars, Claudia Cardinale's entry into the business was by way of a beauty pageant. Claudia Cardinale. Here she talks to Adrian Wootton about working with the … [50] She also played Angiolina, the romantic interest of Anthony Franciosa in Bolognini's Senilità, a character which film writer Jacek Klinowski describes as "a spirited and strikingly beautiful twenty-year-old". Cardinale's powerful performance as Claretta Petacci garnered her the Nastro d'Argento for Best Actress. After playing a lead role in 'Three Strangers in Rome' (1958), she had roles in the films 'Vento del sud' (1959), 'Il magistrato' (1959), 'Un maledetto imbroglio' (1959), 'Upstairs and Downstairs' (1959). [118] It is described as "an adaptation of Joseph Conrad's epic story Nostromo of political upheaval, greed, and romance in turn-of-the-20th-century South America. Galeria zdjęć Claudia Cardinale - Urodziła się w Tunisie (Francja, obecnie Tunezja) w 1938 roku w rodzinie włoskich emigrantów. [106] In 1985, Cardinale starred opposite Ben Gazzara and Lina Sastri in Alberto Bevilacqua's La donna delle meraviglie. In 1991, Cardinale featured alongside Richard Berry and Omar Sharif in Henri Verneuil's Mayrig (meaning "mother"), a film about the struggles of an Armenian family that emigrates to Marseilles in France from Turkey after the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Her famous movies include Rocco and His Brothers (1960), Girl with a Suitcase(1961), The Professionals (1966), The Hell with Heroes (1968), etc. [143], Cardinale lived with Pasquale Squitieri, an Italian film director, for 42 years, from 1975[144] until Squitieri died on 18 February 2017, aged 78. She has been a UNESCO goodwill ambassador for the Defence of Women's Rights since March 2000,[150] and was a goodwill ambassador for the UNESCO World Water Day for 2006. Films include 8½, C'era una volta il West, and Fitzcarraldo The beauty contest was meant to raise money for charity; Cardinale's mother was on the charity committee. Zenred September 30, 2020 Posted in Claudia Cardinale, Starlets Claudia Cardinale, publicity photo for the British film Upstairs and Downstairs (Ralph Thomas, 1959), her first English language film (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) "[66], In 1964, Cardinale starred alongside Rod Steiger and Shelley Winters in Francesco Maselli's Italian-made Time of Indifference. [73] Later that year, she starred opposite Rock Hudson in Universal Pictures's Blindfold, the last film to be directed by Philip Dunne. Many suffered from the experience, but she was able to hold her own: "I took care of my own interests, blankly refusing to sign an exclusive contract with Universal Studios. [91] Later that year she appeared in the comedies The Immortal Bachelor with Vittorio Gassman and Qui comincia l'avventura with Monica Vitti. [9] As a teenager, she was described as "silent, weird, and wild", and like other girls of her generation, was fascinated by Brigitte Bardot, who came to prominence in the 1956 film And God Created Woman, directed by Roger Vadim. [46] However, he was very close and supportive of Cardinale during the production, and a true friendship developed between the two, based on a deep mutual understanding. [133], In 2012, Cardinale featured opposite Jeanne Moreau and Michael Lonsdale in the final feature film to be directed by Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira, Gebo and the Shadow. Cardinale has further said, "I don't like the star system. Her father, Francesco Cardinale, was a railway worker, born in Gela, Sicily. [33] Cardinale considered it to have been her first real test as an actress. Claudia Cardinale urodziła się i wychowała w Tunezji. She was 17 years old and studying at the Centro Sperimentale in Rome when she entered a beauty contest, which resulted in her getting a succession of small film roles. [8] She then studied at the Paul Cambon School, where she graduated with the intention of becoming a teacher. He simply explained that she had gone to England to learn English for a film. [44] Such was her psychological involvement that she needed several months to overcome her apprehensions and prepare for the part. [53], The finest and most prolific year of her career was 1963, when she appeared in a number of leading productions. As of July 2015[update], it has a rating of just 6% on Rotten Tomatoes based on 34 reviews. She appeared in some of the most acclaimed European films of the 1960s and 1970s, mainly Italian or French, but also in several English films. She also appeared alongside Rod Taylor in The Hell with Heroes and starred in one of her best-known roles as former prostitute Jill McBain in Sergio Leone's epic Western Once Upon a Time in the West. She was 17 years old and studying at the Centro Sperimentale in Rome when she entered a beauty contest, which resulted in her getting a succession of small film roles. Claudia Cardinale, właśc.Claude Josephine Rose Cardinale (ur.15 kwietnia 1938 w Tunisie) – włoska aktorka filmowa.Obok Sophii Loren i Giny Lollobrigidy uważana za jedną z … [114] Mystery is very important. After Cardinale decided to tell him everything, he published her story in Oggi and L'Europeo. Cardinale agreed to reunite with Blake Edwards, Herbert Lom, and Burt Kwouk to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Pink Panther by making Son of the Pink Panther. [34] She then played the role of Maria in Ralph Thomas's British film Upstairs and Downstairs, which starred Michael Craig and Anne Heywood. "[119] Cardinale and the cast were nominated for an ALMA Award for Outstanding Latino/a Cast in a Made-for-Television Movie or Mini-Series. The Los Angeles Times Magazine, in a February 2011 online feature, named Cardinale among the 50 most beautiful women in film history. She did not learn to speak Italian until she had already begun to be cast for Italian films. Nalezla v něm svoji silnou vůli, aby se mohla ztotožnit s uměle vybudovaným obrazem energické Claudie Cardinale. [4][5] Her mother, Yolande Greco, was born in Tunisia to Sicilian emigrants from Trapani. Cardinale remarked to him: "I used my body as a mask, as a representation of myself". A place for fans of Claudia Cardinale to watch, share, and discuss their favorite videos. In her husband's Naso di Cane, a miniseries, Enrico Lancia and Roberto Poppi praised her for her "light comic touch". [130] Michael D. Klemm of cinemaqueer.com reflected on how the film broke many of the taboos with interracial sexuality and homosexuality. [52] The interview was published in Esquire under the title "The Next Goddess of Love". "8½," Criterion Collection DVD, featured commentary track. It was entered into the 1987 Cannes Film Festival. [59][61] Cardinale explained: "When I arrived for my first movie, I couldn't speak a word. [85], In 1970, Cardinale starred opposite Peter McEnery and Eli Wallach in Jerzy Skolimowski's comedy film The Adventures of Gerard, based on The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard by Arthur Conan Doyle. Claude Joséphine Rose "Claudia" Cardinale is a Tunisian-born Italian film actress who starred in some of the most acclaimed European films of the 1960s and 1970s, mainly Italian or French, but also in many English-language films. I couldn't understand what they were talking about. Who is the most beautiful Italian actress of all time? https://www.duecappucci.pl/wszystkie-filmy-claudii-cardinale Cardinale remarked: "Zurlini was one of those who really love women: he had an almost feminine sensitivity. [75] Cardinale became good friends with Hudson, who proved to be very protective of her, knowing her discomfort outside of Italy. Although occasional funny moments were noted, Don't Make Waves was generally panned by the critics and the lack of chemistry with co-star Curtis was highlighted. Everything was in the hands of Vides". [122], In 2000, Cardinale embarked on her stage career, starring in Maurizio Scaparro's stage production of La Venexiana, adapted by René de Ceccatty, at the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris. However, when she did her aim was extremely good – starring in 2 of the greatest Westerns ever made: The Professionals … Continue reading [31], In 1959, she appeared opposite Salvatori in the mafia film Vento del sud, and played the wife of Maurizio Arena in Luigi Zampa's Il magistrato. [64] Cardinale acted in her first American film (although it was produced in Italy) when she played Princess Dala, a wealthy aristocratic woman who is the love and jewellery interest of David Niven in the Cortina d'Ampezzo-set The Pink Panther. Claudia was born in La Goulette on April 15, 1938. Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family. Screen siren Claudia Cardinale launches a season of films by Luchino Visconti at the NFT. [94] Cardinale starred in her husband's Il prefetto di ferro, which tells the story of Cesare Mori (Giuliano Gemma), an Italian prefect that before and during the Fascist period was best known as "the Iron Prefect". Claudia Cardinale and daughter Claudia Squitieri at the Paris Premiere Of The Film Angel A AT The Cinema Gaumont On The Champs Elysees. [140], On 11 October 2018 she received the Tabernas de Cine award in the Almería Western Film Festival. [59][60] Not until 8½ was she allowed to use her own voice. The official poster for this year's Cannes film festival sparked an outcry Wednesday over claims that Italian actress Claudia Cardinale's thighs had been airbrushed to make them thinner. She appeared in some of the most acclaimed European films of the 1960s and 1970s, mainly Italian or French, but also in several English films. The film shared the 1978 David di Donatello for Best Film award with In nome del Papa Re. Claudia Cardinale is a very well-known Italian actress. In Comencini's La storia (from Elsa Morante's novel), Cardinale portrayed a widow raising a son during World War II. [51] In 1962, Cardinale was interviewed by the writer Alberto Moravia, who focused exclusively on her sexuality and body image in film, treating her as an object. [120] In 1998, Cardinale portrayed the mother of Lola Naymark in the French picture Riches, belles, etc., a wealthy baroness who leaves her hotel to her daughter to care for during her absence. Claudia Cardinale full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. [78] The following year, she appeared in Una rosa per tutti (A Rose for Everyone) and in Alexander Mackendrick's sex farce Don't Make Waves opposite Tony Curtis. Quinn expressed his love of working with Cardinale, stating that although he adored Cardinale and Loren equally, "I relate easier to Claudia, Sophia creates an impression of something larger than life, something unobtainable. [80], At the beginning of 1967, Cristaldi joined her in the United States. Her earthy interpretations of Sicilian women got her noticed ... Tunis, French Protectorate Tunisia [now Tunisia], Italy’s Titanus and Rai Com Pact to Restore and Distribute 400 Vintage Italian Titles (Exclusive), Cops & Criminals Clash in Trailer for French Action Film 'Rogue City', Pulse Films Expands Into Italy, Plans Sergio Leone Doc, Editors' Picks: Our Favorite Things From the Week of March 26, Most Attractive Actresses of 1940s - 1960s, The most beautiful actresses in the world imo. [76], By 1966, Cardinale was being cited as the most popular film star in Italy, even more than Mastroianni and Loren.

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